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Artificial Economics 2009 will be held September 10-11 th, 2009 in Valladolid (Spain).


The Conference is devoted to recent scientific advances in the field of Agent-Based Computational Economics, but it is also opened to methodological surveys. 


Agent-based Computational Economics deals with the computational study of economies as complex adaptive systems, composed of interacting agents with cognitive skills. This area has provoked a great deal of academic interest in various fields of Economics, especially in relation to Complex Systems approaches.



Aims and Scope


The main aim of the event is to favor the meeting of people and ideas from both, the Computer Science community and the Economics and Finance community, in order to be able to construct a much structured multi-disciplinary approach to the complexity of Economics.


Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:


Agent-Based microfoundations of macroeconomic activity.

Discrete Choice Agent-Based Models in Economics and Management Sciences.

Emergence and Dynamics of Norms and Conventions.

Dynamics of Social and Economic Networks in Agent-Based Models.

Financial Market and Organization Agent-Based Models.

Complexity and Market Dynamics from an agent-based approach.

The feedback between Game theory, Experimental Economics and Artificial Economics.

Epistemology and Agent-Based Methodological Issues.




The proceedings of the Symposium will be published in the Springer's Series volume Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems as for the four previous Artificial Economics conferences (Lille, Aalborg, Palermo, and Innsbruck).

After the event we plan to publish in a special issue of a Journal with JCR impact factor, the extended and revised versions of some selected papers modified after the remarks and discussions that will take place during the Conference.