Research Interests

Prof. Rodríguez-Méndez



· Preparation and characterisation of nanostructured films of molecular materials.

She has a large experience in the preparation of Langmuir-Blodgett and Layer by Layer films of phthalocyanine derivatives, conducting polymers or perylenes (among others).


· Applications of thin films as gas and liquid sensors.

She has extensively worked in the development of resistive gas sensors and voltammetric liquid sensors based on phthalocyanines and on conducting polymers and their applications in the food industry


· Biomimetic electrochemical sensors

She is currently working in the development of biomimetic sensors where enzymes or antibodies are immobilised in a solid electrode by means of the Langmuir-Blodgett or the Layer by Layer techniques. This method provides a biomimetic environment where the biologic material shows improved performances. Such sensors have demonstrated excellent performances in the detection of antioxidants presents in foods.


· Voltammetric electronic tongue. Analysis of wines, olives and beers

The group has developed an innovative type of electronic tongue based on voltammetric electrodes chemically modified with electroactive materials. The interactions between the electrode material and the solution provide a high degree of cross selectivity


· Electronic noses, electronic tongues and electronic panel. Applications to the analysis of the organoleptic characteristics of wines, olive oils and beers.

At the present moment she is involved in several funded Projects devoted to the development of an electronic nose, an electronic tongue and an electronic eye based on nanostructured sensors and biosensors for the assessment of the organoleptic characteristics of wines, beers and olive oils. These works are carroed out in collaboration with companies of the food industry.