“World Limits Model” (WoLiM)

WoLiM (World Limits Model) is a physical resource based Energy-Economy-Environment model that has been developed by our team during the last years. Modeled with System Dynamics, it is a quite large an comprehensive platform that integrates data from many different disciplines: geological estimations of fossil fuel depletion, technological development of renewable and alternative technologies, estimations of economic variables such as energy intensity, sector-based energy demand based on historical data, climate change due to energy consumption, etc.

Thus, the main advantage of WoLiM is the large amount of data it integrates and its structural simplicity, which makes it very transparent. It is not a model that intends to predict the future, since it only says which future is not possible because of being not compatible with physical restrictions, but, in fact, the ultimate objective of SD and scenario development is not to predict, but to understand the system analyzed (Meadows et al., 1972; Sterman, 2001).

For a thorough description of the model, download the WoLiM 1.5 Technical Report with the last model version (January 2017).

Download WoLiM 1.5

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