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  1. Hello,

    by “accident” I came to see your recent paper
    on World limits 1.5 only today.

    As I am working also on some of these issues and we are organising a particular workshop on these
    issues on the 13th of December in Berlin, perhaps someone from your team might be interested to present the model in terms of the workshop we are organising. Sorry this might be very short in time
    but we have some minimal funding for inviting people. I can mail you a full related document about the
    workshop ..

    For this first meeting organised by ENSSER on the Energy problem, we propose to focus on three topics with those introduction talks which fit very well into all the discussions we are having on this list.

    • “Limits and problems of the current and near future energy and electric energy system for our current way of life in Western Europe.” (Speaker: Dr. Werner Zittel, Senior Scientist at the Ludwig Bölkow Systemtechnik GmbH)

    • How do natural science and socially acceptable boundary conditions determine regional and global possibilities for “A Sustainable Future We Want”?

    (Speaker: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Scheffran, Inst. of Geography, Center for Earth System Research and Sustainability (CEN), Universität Hamburg)

    • “How fast do we, in Western Europe, need to change our unsustainable use of oil and electric energy and our way of life, either because of limited regional and global energy resources and their extraction or because of the environmental damages created?”

    (Speaker: Dr. Michael Dittmar, ETHZ, ENSSER and CSS)

    So please consider to join us, possible with some contributions
    to these items and how to get more people from European Universities directly involved in those problems.
    (in this respect, I found this report Roadmap for European Universities interesting as it might be exploited by us
    from the EU commission on energy)

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